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Garofalo was established in 1789 in Gragnano, the homeland of pasta. The climatic conditions of the area are perfect for drying pasta, and the presence of spring water that fed the mills made Gragnano the ideal place for the production of pasta.


The Story

At the end of the eighteenth century, with a Royal Decree Michele Garofalo obtained the exclusive concession for the production of pasta, as it was considered “well made”.

Time has rewarded the original formula of Garofalo, which combines a drive for innovation with an unstoppable search for quality. The company has thus become an engine of Gragnano evolution, and in addition to its first industrial plant in the centre of the town, another was added in the immediate vicinity.
The production grew, and Garofalo expanded mainly abroad and as a private label, until a brand line was launched in Italy in 2001 that immediately became a benchmark for superior-quality pasta among consumers.

Ebro Foods, a Spanish multinational group operating in the rice, pasta and condiments sectors, joined the company as a majority shareholder with a large investment in 2014.

Besides being a leader in Italy for quality pasta, today Garofalo exports its products to over sixty countries around the world: ours is therefore a story of Italian excellence.

Radiatori pasta
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