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15 years have passed since Quescem's company was founded in May 2006 in Spain and they still have the same enthusiasm, passion and commitment as on the first day.


The Story

The idea of making cream cheese by applying traditional Cebreiro cheese (a Galician traditional cheese) production technologies with the use of buttermilk as an ingredient emerged in 2005 in the Dairy Products Classroom of the University of Santiago (USC), and led to the founding of Innolact SL in May 2006 with 17 partners and 2 employees.


As with all great adventures, the beginning wasn't easy. It was an innovative project launched by a group of entrepreneurs who were entering a very traditional sector, the dairy sector, and a mature market in the cheese market. Their efforts were rewarded with several awards that same year, such as the prize in the 7th USC Contest for Innovative Business Projects, being named the 1st Technology-Based Dairy Company by the Galician Regional Government, and being designated a NeoTec company by the CDTI.


First Quescrem building, 2007

Since their beginnings they've been committed to innovation by creating high-quality products for the food industry, the professional cooking and bakery as well as consumers. This commitment has led them to design and manufacture cream cheeses, mascarpone and other dairy products that are known for their creaminess, taste and functionality. Developed and produced in Galicia with the commitment to add value to our environment, society and dairy sector. Quescrem's committed to their team, collaborators, suppliers, customers and to you.

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