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Citterio, a family-run cured meats producer with 140 years of experience, offers a wide array of whole and packaged products - as fresh and tasty as when they’re just sliced. Try them on their own or use them creatively in the kitchen. 

The Story

Salami from Milan is certainly one of the most loved excellences of the Italian agro-alimentary industry, even abroad. But how many know his true story?

Its origin dates back to more than a century ago, when in 1870 the young Giuseppe Citterio opened his delicatessen in Rho, near Milan, and invented this extraordinary recipe to get those flavours far, even overseas, for Italians who emigrated to America looking for fortune.

Citterio participated in the Esposizione Nazionale di Milano (National Expo of Milan), the first large exhibition of Italian industrial production. There were over 7,000 exhibitors and a million visitors in attendance of the National Expo. At this expo, Citterio won the first official recognition, the Medaglia d’Oro (Gold Medal).

Giuseppe Citterio was awarded another 5 Medaglie d’Oro, due to the attention to detail and care which is put into the preparation of the Citterio products and the innovative production processes.


Citterio became the first food company in the world equipped with an in-house chemistry and microbiology analysis laboratory. These laboratories were created to study, analyze and inspect production – as well as inspect and verify the working conditions, to guarantee safety and quality in all of the production phases.

Quality, the best raw materials, research and innovation have always been cornerstones of the Citterio business. 

Despite its long history, Citterio is still a family-run business directly managed by the descendants of Giuseppe Citterio. The Citterio focus remains unchanged from years past: quality products, innovation and traditional flavors.

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